Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

recumbent exercise bike

Why choose a recumbent exercise bike? These recumbent bikes give you a low impact workout that reduces the stresses on your knees and back that other bikes may give you. Biking is also easier on your body than treadmill running.

A recumbent bike is the perfect solution to being able to get into shape quickly while reducing the risk of injury. If your knees tend to be sore after a workout, try one of these recumbent bike exercise machines today to get fit, meet your health goals, and do so with reduced pain levels.

Recumbent Exercise Bike – The Complete Guide

recumbent exercise bikeExerpeutic 900XL: The nicest feature of this recumbent exercise bike is the eight level magnetic control system.

This lets you fully customize your workout so that you can challenge yourself when you’re feeling up to it. Specifically designed to reduce the pressure on your joints and back, you can track your workout stats easily with a large LCD display screen. Quiet and comfortable, it’s also priced quite affordably, which makes it a fantastic option when you’re looking for a new bike.

You can purchase this recumbent bike here.

MarcyMe 709: This is a recumbent exercise bike for those who don’t have small children in the home. It also has 8 levels of tension that you can easily set for your workout, but this bike has several small parts that can present a choking hazard for youngsters.

What’s nice about this bike is that you are sitting up a little higher than traditional recumbent bikes – you don’t feel like you’re laying down and stretching to work out effectively. It’s similar to sitting in your office chair as you pedal, which makes for a nice experience! It might not have all the features of other bikes, but it has the one most important feature: it will give you an effective workout.

This bike is available here.

Schwinn 220: If you’re looking for something that is created more for a professional workout experience that schwinn 240 recumbent exercise bikeyou get at the gym, then consider the Schwinn 220. With 16 levels of resistance, you’re able to access 8 pre-programmed workout routines that can help you get your cardio rate up fast.

This recumbent exercise bike has an MP3 port with speakers, a water bottle holder, and even a fan to help cool you down if you need it. The oversized pedals are also nice for those who sometimes have trouble with having their feet slip off during an intense session.

This popular recumbent bike can be purchased here.

Diamondback Fitness 510sr: Maybe the best recumbent exercise bike on the market today, it is one of the more expensive bikes available. It’s worth the investment, however, because you’ll get everything you need to have the perfect workout. Workout programs include target heart rates so you can work on toning or burning fat.

A magazine rack is included so you can read, while an MP3 port with speakers can play your favorite music. There are tilt options that help you get a customized comfort, while 16 levels of resistance are easily interchangeable so you can workout as intensely as you wish. Whether you need to rehab an injury or you just want a few minutes of great exercise, this is the recumbent bike you’ll want.

You can find this recumbent exercise bike here.

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